Why is water so important to humans?
Drinking water facts:
The human body is made up of more than 50% water and the brain is made up of more than 70% water
90% of human blood is water
Water is essential for bodily functions and the kidneys
Dehydration leads to many disorders
„Clean water is the basis of our health.”
The water should be good and contain a large percentage of potassium and sodium. These help maintain a balance between ICF (intracellular fluid) and ECF (extracellular fluid). Therefore, it is good to pay attention to the quality of water and try to filter pollutants such as chlorine and ozone from it.

water is essential for proper digestion
cleanses the body
building block for new cells
protects the kidneys
increases performance after exercise
water is necessary for metabolism
maintains proper joint function
„We drink 90 percent of our illnesses.” (Louis Pasteur - French microbiologist)
Hydrogen-enriched water
Hydrogen water is nothing but pure water enriched with hydrogen atoms attached to each other. What makes it so special? Water, with the chemical formula H 2 O, consists of molecules that always contain one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms attached to it. However, our body cannot absorb hydrogen from ordinary water so efficiently precisely because it is bound to oxygen. If we separate hydrogen by electrolysis and "release" it from oxygen, it suddenly has very beneficial effects on our body.
And so does hydrogen water. Its antioxidant abilities are extremely high, it is one of the most effective antioxidants ever. It is 176 times stronger than vitamin C and 863 times stronger than coenzyme Q10. Regular drinking of hydrogen water reduces fatigue, accelerates recovery after illness or sports and has a number of other positive effects on our body.

lowering high blood pressure (hypertension)
in autoimmune disorders and their manifestations (allergies and others)
improves the status of fats and sugars in diabetics
slows down skin aging and hydrates it
removes stomach ulcers
improves erection and increases sperm activity
reduces muscle fatigue
is suitable for overacidification of the organism
reduces damage to cellular structures
fights premature aging of cells
suppresses inflammation in the body
solves the problem of insomnia
strengthens the immunity of the whole organism
How to get hydrogen water?
You can make it yourself using a so-called hydrogen water generator. It will create hydrogen water from ordinary water in a few minutes, just press the button.
Why buy a hydrogen water generator from us?

We currently offer hydrogen water generators from the manufacturer Hibon. These generators use advanced SPE technology and a PEM membrane. The advantage of this technology is that it can produce a higher concentration of molecular hydrogen and also separates oxygen, free chlorine and ozone from water.

You can find different hydrogen generators on the Internet, but not all of them have the same effects and result. Some products on the market use ordinary electrolysis, which cannot produce such a high concentration of hydrogen, and in addition they can be harmful if they do not have a PEM membrane.
We purchase products directly from the manufacturer, so we also provide subsequent service, repairs and spare parts.
We have a certificate for the materials from which the generators are made from a Czech accredited institute.
We have tested all products with our own use. We also bought hydrogen, ORP and pH measuring instruments and tested our own that it is not a placebo, but it is really real values. You can see the measured values ​​in the attached videos for individual products.
Apart from hydrogen water, we can make so-called alkaline or acidic water from ordinary water. Why? Alkaline water always has a pH higher than 7. And why is pH so important to us? If we drink water with a pH lower than 7, we cause the body to over-acidify.
Lazena pH scale
In today's age of stress, polluted air and other negative influences, which also burden us and thus over-acidify the body, it is a pity to go opposite these influences when we can simply drink alkaline water, which can restore our body to balance. For example, bottled water has a low pH, tap water has a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, but is full of chlorine, heavy metals and hormones that are harmful to our body. In contrast, alkaline water always has a pH higher than 7 and long-term drinking of this water is beneficial for our body for several reasons - it better hydrates our body, helps neutralize acidity in our body and contains minerals that are beneficial to the body. Acidic water always has a pH lower than 7 and we can use it without chemicals to disinfect the home, treat the skin or water the flowers.
In order to obtain alkaline or acidic water, we need a quality water ionizer. It can produce exactly the water we need. In addition, it removes unwanted substances from drinking water thanks to filtration and enriches it with beneficial minerals. Alkaline water is also slightly enriched with molecular hydrogen - see hydrogen-enriched water.
Alkaline water

Compared to tap water, it contains higher amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium or bicarbonate (baking soda), which can cause its higher pH (usually 8-10) and therefore its "alkalinity". Minerals are artificially added to this alkaline water or already occur naturally in it.

5 advantages of alkaline water:

Some research suggests that alkaline water can improve blood circulation, allowing blood to pass more easily through your body to supply oxygen and important nutrients to your tissues. It is thought to work by reducing the viscosity or density of the blood and helping it to pass through the bloodstream better. This was demonstrated in a 2016 study published in the journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition, which asked 100 healthy adults to drink either regular water or alkaline water to rehydrate after strenuous exercise. Interestingly, those who drank alkaline water experienced a decrease in blood density of 6.3% and a decrease in viscosity of 3.36% compared to those who drank normal water.

Acid reflux is a condition where the acid moves back into the esophagus, causing symptoms of heartburn, bloating and nausea. Pepsin, the enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins, plays a key role in acid reflux and can cause these symptoms. Alkaline water can have a beneficial effect on neutralizing pepsin. One in vitro study from the Voice Institute in New York showed that drinking alkaline water at pH 8.8 helped inactivate pepsin, potentially providing an adjunct treatment for those with acid reflux. However, it is important to keep in mind that blocking pepsin acts as a temporary solution to a real underlying problem, similar to the effect of antacids. While alkaline water can help relieve symptoms, the root of reflux itself must actually be treated.

Staying well hydrated is essential for overall health. Drinking enough water regulates body temperature, helps transport nutrients and helps eliminate waste. Alkaline water is thought to increase hydration even more than standard drinking water. A study published in the journal of the International Society for Sports Medicine showed that drinking alkaline water for two weeks not only increases alkalinity in the blood and urine, but also improves hydration to a greater extent than those who drink regular water.

Maintaining high blood sugar levels can have a big impact on your health, with side effects ranging from increased thirst, headaches and fatigue to more serious and long-term effects such as vision loss and nerve damage. Although research is limited, some preliminary studies have found that alkaline water can help balance blood sugar levels to maintain normal blood sugar levels and promote better health. One six-month study in China showed that drinking alkaline water significantly lowered blood sugar to normal levels. An animal model, conducted at Dongduk Women's University Obesity Control University and published in the journal Life Sciences, also found that alkaline water had antidiabetic effects, and reported that it lowered blood sugar levels and improved glucose tolerance in mice.

Highly acidic nutrition has been shown to increase bone loss by increasing urinary calcium excretion. An alkaline diet, on the other hand, can prevent bone resorption, this helping to maintain bone health. Some studies suggest that alkaline water can help keep bones strong by affecting certain hormones that affect bone metabolism. For example, a study at the Bone Disease Center at the University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland, made up of 30 women, showed that drinking alkaline water reduced parathyroid hormone levels, which caused bones to release calcium into the bloodstream. Not only that, but it has also reduced the amount of biomarker used to measure bone turnover rate.
There is no known disease that survives in an alkaline environment.

Alkaline water is more beneficial than conventional tap water. The optimum pH for consumption is 8 to 9, while the pH of tap water is closer to 7.0 or lower. It is also true that alkaline water offers more of the key minerals the body needs to function properly such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium.

Alkaline compounds balance acids in the blood with four major minerals - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium - which together keep the body healthy.
Calcium strengthens our bones and supports a healthy circulatory system
Magnesium helps convert our food into energy and maintains the function of muscles, nerves, heart and kidneys
Sodium controls blood pressure, balances fluids in the body and affects muscle movement
Potassium helps maintain muscle relaxation and contraction, which is extremely important for the heart, and also helps digest and eliminate fluids
Positive effects of alkaline water
restores the acid-base pH balance in the body (prevents metabolic disorders, kidney stone formation)
detoxifies (cleanses the body, flushes out toxins)
reduces oxidative stress
maintains healthier bones (an over-acidified body takes alkaline minerals, especially calcium from the bones)
improves digestion (proper functioning of intestinal peristalsis, elimination of constipation)
relieves high blood pressure (hypertension), improves blood flow (prevents blood clots)
regulates body temperature
helps in weight loss, stops the process of fat formation (prevents acidification of the body)
is faster to digest (lower number of molecules compared to normal water)
slows down the aging process, increases the power of antioxidants (Anti-aging)
hydrates cells more than tap water
is suitable for athletes (relieves muscle pain after heavy exercise)
ideal for cooking (enhances flavour and aroma)
is the perfect "degreaser" (dissolves oils, fats or other greasy mixtures)
Alkaline water vs. structured water vs. common water vs. mineral water

Today, you have many choices in the supermarket. We don't limit ourselves to just plain drinking water, there is a wide range of water types, from alkaline waters to structured and mineral waters.

Regular bottled water usually contains pure water, which is made from tap water that has been filtered through a process called reverse osmosis, which removes impurities and micro-organisms. This form of water contains trace minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. Purified water usually has an acidic or neutral pH of 7.0 or lower.

Mineral water, on the other hand, comes from mineral springs and usually contains various minerals such as salts and sulphur compounds. It is available in sparkling and still forms, which are divided according to whether they contain carbon dioxide gas. Mineral water can contribute important minerals that may be beneficial to health.

While structured water is a type of water that has not been filtered or treated, making it virtually identical to water found in nature. It retains a higher amount of energy, is "optimally charged" and helps our cells function more efficiently. It is said to have an optimal pH and benefits everything from energy levels to digestion and mood. As with alkaline water, however, research on the health effects of structured water is still limited.

Interesting facts

According to a report by Zenith Global, the global market for alkaline water is rocketing - it was $631 million in 2017 and this value continues to soar thanks to positive effects and growing demand.

Alkaline water is already being served on Qatar Airways.

Beyoncé or Tom Brady and of course many other nutrition gurus refer to alkaline water as a modern phenomenon.

Acidic water

It has a low pH, less than 7. Its ORP is positive (0 to 1100 mV). Microorganisms cannot live and multiply in an acidic environment, so ionised acidic water is recommended for external use. It is a natural disinfectant.

Possibilities of using acidic water:

heals wounds and burns

cleanses the skin of impurities because of its disinfectant effect

relieves feet or nails of fungus if soaked in acidic water

it is an excellent substitute for nasal drops, clears blocked noses, reduces mucous membrane swelling in allergies

is excellent for disinfecting the mouth and toothbrushes, helps with periodontal disease

acid water is also used in the home as a disinfectant without the use of chemicals

How to make alkaline or acidic water?
You can make it with one of our water ionizers. The ionizers we offer are manufactured by IONIA, a company that has been on the market for almost 40 years and is one of the leaders in its field. You can find out how the ionizers work in the details of each product.