Code of ethics:


The good reputation of our company is one of the most valuable values ​​that we want to create, develop and protect.


Customer relationship

We strive to maintain a high standard of services provided, knowing that the interest of the business

partner and his satisfaction are paramount. We conduct business negotiations in accordance with the business interests of the participants without any bias or favouritism.


Relationship to owners

When presenting the company publicly, we respect its values. We act and perform knowing that we represent the company ECOM s.r.o. and we must not by our actions, behavior or statements damage or disparage the good name of the employer.


Relationship with employees

We build a creative and professional working environment and conditions. We support a collegial spirit and a healthy entrepreneurial mindset. Good workplace relations between colleagues and striving for mutual cooperation are the basis of the company's successful development. We respect basic human rights and freedoms. We apply the principle of equality and impartial treatment to all, regardless of race or ethnic origin, skin color, religion, nationality, gender, age or disability or state. We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment. Training and education are provided which support current and future career development plans.


Relationship with suppliers

We choose our suppliers with great care because we are aware that our selection of suppliers can have impact on our customers as well. Relations with suppliers are purely professional and based on mutuality respect and fairness. Therefore, we do not accept any promotional or gift items.


Relationship with government and local authorities

We comply with all environmental protection regulations. We have contractual relationships with companies EKOKOM and REMA. The company processes and sorts waste ecologically and tries to minimize impacts its activities on the environment.


Relations with competitors

The company ECOM s.r.o. she has always fought and will fight hard in a competitive fight, but fundamentally with integrity. We never damage the name of our competitors and we rely on fair relations.


Compliance with standards and its verification

Ethical principles and respect for the law are fundamental principles of our behavior and corporate culture. We comply provisions of all applicable domestic and international laws and all applicable standards and regulations. We protect all data and personal information in accordance with legal regulations, we keep sensitive information confidential information that has been communicated or entrusted to us or that we have gained access to in the course of our performance work.

We uphold the principle of zero tolerance for all forms of criminal activity.



Company management regularly monitors compliance with this code of ethics, using information obtained from control activities of management, internal and external audits. The highest representative of the company's code of ethics is the company executive Ing. Zuzana Horáčková. It decides on corrective measures and follow-up activities resulting from possible violation of the rules of ethical behavior according to this code.

The Code of Ethics takes effect on 31.3.2022.